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Printers Blog- Linocutting

I hope that you’ve noticed the large posters around the museum advertising this year’s Beer Festival, they are particularly noteworthy for featuring a linocut of a hope vine produced by Julia, one of Print Workshop volunteers.

Julia told us when she last did linocutting and how old she was then but I’m too much of a gentleman to do the maths!

Julia started with us a couple of years ago when she helping with a group of children from Abbot’s Hall School, including her own daughters, who were taking part in a short series of workshops on printing.  Julia was really enthusiastic and, when I suggested that if she became a Print volunteer with us she could come back every week and get inky, she was (nearly) speechless with joy.

Since then she has been a regular printing volunteer, work and children permitting, and will be doing more linocut in the future, so look out for the posters!

Pinky the printer.

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