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With help from 449 volunteers, hailing from 25 different countries, the Food Museum team has been turning handwritten object index cards into a digital catalogue that can be shared online and seen around the world. Browse the objects below or use the search to explore the fascinating items we have.

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Mill engine; Whitmore & Binyon; 1893; STMEA:A.1719
Saucer; STMEA:2016-33(A)
Gloves; Southcombe Bros.LTD; STMEA:2006-14b
Instruction Leaflet, Medicine, Veterinary; Cooper, McDougal and Robertson; STMEA:1993-2.17b
Glove (lady's); Fownes Brothers and Co., Inc.; STMEA:82.A.92.37.19
Glove (lady's); STMEA:82.A.92.37.13
Glove (lady's); 1920-30's; STMEA:82.A.92.37.11
Glove (lady's); 1920-30's; STMEA:82.A.92.37.9
Gloves; Southcombe Bros.LTD; STMEA: 2006-14a
Catalogue; Littlehampton Printers; 1967; STMEA:2014-369
Cup; STMEA:2016-34(A)
Bottle, medicine, veterinary; Cooper, McDougal and Robertson; STMEA:1993-2.17a
Paper; STMEA:2011-109a-c
Wartime leaflet; The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; STMEA:1991-21.7
Press cider; STMEA:B.245
Ransomes advertising leaflet; STMEA:1989-31.18a
Boot Tree; STMEA:A.5401
Photographs; 1992; STMEA:2015-176a-l
Photographs; 1992; STMEA:2015-175a-j
Miniature Matchbox ; J.John Masters & Co. Ltd.; STMEA:1998-46.6b-c

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