Dec 2nd 2021 • Collections & Exhibitions, Highlights, Trainees & Internships

Festive Food Traditions- Biscuit Tins

It’s almost Christmas! No matter how you spend it, I think we can all agree that one of the most exciting parts is the delicious food we get to eat and share with each other. To celebrate, we wanted to take the opportunity to explore the different tasty traditions we revisit year after year. Today,…

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Oct 19th 2021 • Community, Food, Highlights

More than Apple Crumble: Recipes for Apple Day 2021

At this year’s Apple Day celebrations we’re relishing in all the delicious ways you can prepare this incredibly versatile fruit! We’re overjoyed that food historian and writer Monica Askay will be joining us to sign copies of her book Orchard Recipes from Eastern England: Landscape, Fruit and Heritage. She’ll be sharing her knowledge of Suffolk’s…

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Oct 16th 2021 • Community, Food, Heritage, Highlights

“Why Apples?” Fruit Identification and Food Heritage at Apple Day 2021 

Did you know that there are 2,500 types of apple in the UK?  This is why apple day exists. Established in 1991 by Common Ground London, Apple Day is a way to celebrate and raise awareness of the vast variety of apples and fruit grown locally and across the country. The more people who understand how to recognise and look after different types of apples, the better chance…

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Oct 15th 2021 • Collections & Exhibitions, Highlights

DIALECT & HERITAGE: Do you have family from one of these East Anglian villages?

DIALECT & HERITAGE: Do you have family from one of these East Anglian villages? We are looking for people who have long family connections to the following villages listed below and the descendants of people who contributed to the University of Leeds’ Survey of English Dialects 1946 – 1978. You can play a vital part…

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Oct 8th 2021 • Community, Food, Highlights

A Taste of the Caribbean

To honour Black History Month, we are exploring the delights of Caribbean food. Read on to learn more about its origins, cultural influences, the culinary impact of the Windrush generation, and where you can try delicious Caribbean food, right here in East Anglia. Food is an invitation to revel in the taste of a culture.…

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Oct 6th 2021 • Collections & Exhibitions, Heritage, Highlights, Trainees & Internships

Read about black history

We are excited to be hosting a new temporary exhibition, Dining With U.S. Innovators: Black People Who Changed Food History. The exhibition pays tribute to the lives and accomplishments of inspiring Black innovators who transformed the way we grow, process and prepare food. As it is Black History Month, we felt it was important to…

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Sep 22nd 2021 • Collections & Exhibitions, Heritage, Highlights, Volunteering

Dialect and Heritage Volunteers

Dialect and Heritage Volunteers Do you mash, soak or brew your tea? Have you ever seen a billywitch, bishy barnabee, harnser, hodmedod or tiddlywink? Have you ever wondered how dialects are recorded and studied? Now you can be a part of the process.  The Museum of East Anglian Life is working in partnership with the University…

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Aug 31st 2021 • Collections & Exhibitions, Community, Highlights, Trainees & Internships

Dining With Pride – A Trainee’s Perspective

Hi, I am Eve, a Skills for the Future trainee at the Museum of East Anglian Life. I had a part in putting together our temporary exhibition: Dining With Pride, as well as creating an event to run alongside it.  Dining With Pride is a temporary exhibition that explores the lives of LGBTQ+ people with…

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