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Risk Assessment at the Food Museum.

As a destination for a school visit, the museum has the advantage of being a large, safe site. There are, nevertheless, minor risks and hazards pertaining to an outdoor venue, which should be considered by teachers before visiting.

We have listed some potential risks to school parties and is intended to help teachers to compile their own risk assessment. We suggest that a pre-visit (free of charge) should be made to familiarise teachers with the site. It is important that the person or persons conducting the pre-visit attend with the subsequent visiting group since they will clearly understand best any risks specific to members of their party.

It is a condition of booking and an LEA requirement that a proper risk assessment and pre-visit be carried out by a responsible person form the school prior to any Educational visit. Nothing in this document mitigates against this duty or responsibility.

Potential risks and hazards at the Museum

Home Close

Car Park – Uneven surface, moving vehicles.

Tourist Information Centre (admissions/shop) – Doors, other visitors.

Abbot’s Hall Barn – Uneven floor.

Travellers Exhibition – Shingle surface.

Domestic and Working Life Buildings – Threshold steps.

Farming Year Exhibition – Uneven ground.

The Industrial and Farm areas

Crowe Lane and the Woodland Walk –  Muddy after rain, steps.

Edgar’s Farmhouse – Thresholds, mud floor.

Grundisburgh Blacksmith Shop – High step

Boby Building – High threshold, steep metal stairs.

Mortlock Building – Possible oil or water on floor.

Bone Building Modern building, level access.

Adventure Play Area – Bark pit, normal play risks.


Historic Hamlet and Nature Trail

The Wind Pump – Fenced area, no access into wind pump.

Kitchen and Victorian Privy – Steep brick steps.

Alton Watermill – Steep threshold steps, slippery after rain.

Great Moulton Chapel – Access steps grills

Cart Lodge – Unlit.

Riverside Walk and Nature Trail – Water hazards, muddy after rain.

Animals – Transmittable diseases, biting and butting.