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Jubilant 2024 is coming this June! This year’s theme will be ‘what I ate for lunch’.

The project involves a creative practitioner working with groups of students from both primary and secondary schools to help them to develop skills and get them and their families more involved with their local venues. This year’s programme will focus on photography. Students will work with a creative photographic practitioner to learn photography skills and capture school lunches. This could be food that is bought at school, or it could be packed lunches, or for older children, food bought off site. These photographs will be displayed within the Stowmarket town centre venues for a week, with 14th June 2024 being an open venue launch day where students visit the local cultural scene and view their work. The photographs will also feature in an exhibition at the Food Museum on School Dinners which is scheduled to open next year.


Jubilant! mini Youth Arts & Culture Festival 2023
Wednesday 7 – Wednesday 14 June, 2023


Jubilant! was a FREE mini festival taking place in Stowmarket celebrating the creativity of local school children and young people. Over several weeks, a specially commissioned team of talented artists worked with students from 10 local schools to build their own exciting creative project.


Each Jubilant! creation was unique and based on 2023’s Festival theme of TOMORROW. They included one-off performances, exhibitions, audio experiences and short films. Each one was presented at a cultural venue in Stowmarket town centre throughout Festival week.


Watch the Jubilant! 2023 film to discover more about what went on!




The Projects


Interactive Story Book (Pick A Pathway) – Exhibition

School: Abbot’s Hall Primary

Venue: East Anglian Story Telling Festival at the Food Museum

Dates: Performance – 12 May 2023, 2-3pm. Exhibition in June.


A dual-sided, interactive picture book created by two Year 4 classes at Abbot’s Hall Primary School. The book follows two characters, a bat-boy and a sausage dog, each embarking on parallel quests into alternative futures. All the story-making, writing, illustration and design has been created by the young people – with support from illustrator Rose Feather and storyteller Marion Leeper. Explore the book at the Food Museum over the duration of the Festival in the cafe and shop, and find a display of preparatory work upstairs in Abbott’s Hall.

Led by Rose Feather – Illustrator and Book Maker



‘Transition Into Tomorrow’ Flash Mob – Live Performance

School: Cedars Park Primary

Venue: John Peel Centre

Date: Friday 9 June, 1.30-1.40pm


“Transition Into Tomorrow” is a flash mob theatre performance created by Reflex Theatre and Cedars Park Primary pupils, exploring how they feel about change, what they expect to happen in the future and what changes they want to see happen to make a better world. Friday 9th June, 1.30PM, outside the John Peel Centre on Stowmarket High Street.

Led by Callan Durrant – Theatre Maker


Futuristic School Dinners – Exhibition

School: Chilton Primary

Venue: Food Museum

Dates: Wednesday 7 – Wednesday 13 June


This project was with Year 5 from Chilton Community Primary School, led by artist Lindsay Wright in partnership with the Food Museum. Inspired by the Futurist art movement’s manifesto for a perfect meal using all the senses, Year 5 explored their favourite meals and future foods. Visit the displays throughout Abbots Hall at the Food Museum.

Led by Lindsay Wright – Chef, Baker, Miller


‘Hopes and Dreams’ – 3D Ceramic Outdoor Trail

School: Combs Ford Primary

Venue: Red Gables Wellbeing Hub

Dates: Wednesday 7 – Wednesday 13 June


Year 5 children used a range of clay hand building techniques to create a 3D sculpture. Glaze and ceramic transfers have been applied to add colour to their artwork. Each child has selected where and how they would like their piece to be displayed, to form a trail around the gardens of Red Gables Wellbeing Hub. Hopes and dreams for ‘Tomorrow’ pledges were also beautifully drawn and they will be displayed alongside their clay sculptures in the gardens.

Led by Louise Beale – Ceramics Artist


‘Tomorrow’ Stop Motion Animation – Film 

School: Freeman Primary

Venue: Regal Cinema

Dates: Premier – Tuesday 13 June, 10.00am

A short version of the film was also screened before each feature film during 7 – 14 June.


Using the theme of ‘tomorrow’ as a brainstorming topic, Freeman Primary’s year five have created an animated poem and a series of animated short stories, some of which can be seen at The Regal cinema.

Led by Becca Gibbs – Film & Theatre Maker


‘Local Heroes for Tomorrow’ – Marching Banner Exhibition

School: Olive AP Academy

Venue: The Mix

Dates: Wednesday 7, Friday 9, Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14, 9am to 5.30pm. Thursday 8 & Monday 12, 9am-3.30pm.

Led by Joel Millerchip – Visual Artist


‘Tomorrow I Will…’ School Song – Live Performance & Exhibition

School: Wood Ley Primary

Venue: Stowmarket Library

Dates: Performance on Friday 9 June, 2pm & 2.15pm


Tomorrow I Will… is a brand new song written and performed by the students of Wood Ley Primary. The children explored what the word ‘tomorrow’ meant to them, and also took inspiration from the books and space at Stowmarket library. Their composition is a joyful, hopeful and fun vision of the future.

Led by Emma Ewins – Song Writer & Musician

Performance available to view on film throughout Festival period – open daily except Monday.

For times and more information click here.


‘Stars of Tomorrow’ – Portrait Exhibition

School: Stowmarket High

Venue: Fox Yard Studio

Dates: Private view – Friday 9 June, 6 – 8pm. Exhibition throughout Festival period.


“Stars of Tomorrow,” aims to showcase young people as the future and tomorrow’s leaders. To convey this message, we have devised a unique approach wherein participants create a self-portrait in pencil and surround it with a vibrant and colourful background that represents their future aspirations. This exercise helps them visualise their path and instils a sense of direction. The final artwork will be mounted on a board and displayed as a professional gallery exhibition.

Led by Frederico Ramos – Artist


‘The Stowmarket of Tomorrow – Today!’ – Diorama-Style Sculpture

School: Stowupland High

Venue: Outside Modece Architects, Old Fox Yard

Dates: Wednesday 7– Wednesday 14 June.


This new diorama-style display at Old Fox Yard has been created by Year 10 & 12 students from Stowupland School working with artist Chris Jackson to share their hopes, concerns and dreams for a brighter, more ecological future. Using a range of recycled household materials (like paper and cardboard) each student has helped to transform Stowmarket into a strange, new world which celebrates the local area, and beyond!

Led by Chris Jackson – Visual Artist


Site Sounds – Podcast

School: Debenham High

Venue: Primadonna Festival at the Food Museum

Dates: Friday 28 – 30 July


Yr 10 students from Debenham High School have written and recorded three audio plays, inspired by locations across the Food Museum. These can be streamed or downloaded here from 7 June onwards: https://shows.acast.com/sound-on-site-for-jubilant

The Chapel – created to be listened to outside (then inside) the Great Moulton Chapel (or any chapel or church building). When looking for their lost children, voices can be heard inside the empty chapel…

The Wedding – created to be listened to in the clearing behind the Bread Oven (or any clearing in a wooded area). After years of delays due to covid, their wedding can finally go ahead… or can it?

The Clearing – created to be listened to in the Wildflower Meadow (or a wide open space or field). The zombies are coming… it’s time to take action!

Led by Amy Wyllie – Director



Jubilant! Passport

Get a passport stamp at every Jubilant! venue in Stowmarket and enter out free prize draw. Anyone can enter!

You could win Regal Cinema tickets and treats, Food Museum passes, Food Museum shop prizes, artwork from Fox Yard Studio and more!


How to enter:

  • Stamp your passport at every Jubilant! venue
  • Fill in your information in the space provided on the passport
  • Drop off your completed passport at the Regal Cinema or the Food Museum
  • Or email jubilant@foodmuseum.org.uk with a photo of both sides of your completed passport
  • Deadline to enter is  26th June 2023
  • Winners of the random prize draw will be announced on 30th June


Terms and conditions:

  1. If you’re under 18, a parent or responsible adult must provide their details for your passport to be entered into the draw.
  2. You must have a completed passport and consent to Stowmarket Culture Group using your details for the purpose of the draw to be entered.
  3. Prizes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  4. Only one entry per person. All additional entries will be disqualified.
  5. Entries received after the stated closing date will not be accepted.
  6. Our prize draw is free to enter and no purchase is necessary.
  7. Stowmarket Culture Group will not store your information after the prize draw has ended unless you consent to Stowmarket Culture Group contacting you with future opportunities.
  8. Stowmarket Culture Group will not accept responsibility for entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit.
  9. The winners will be notified by the email or telephone number provided at point of entry within 14 days of the prize draw date and will have 14 days from notification to claim their prize. If a winner does not claim their prize within this timeframe the promoter reserves the right to withdraw prize entitlement and will award the prize to a reserve drawn at the same time as the original.
  10. It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide correct, up-to-date details when entering. Stowmarket Culture Group cannot be held responsible for winners failing to supply accurate information which affects prize acceptance.
  11. Where a prize is provided by a Supplier, Stowmarket Culture Group accepts no responsibility for inaccuracy of any prize description, and The Supplier is responsible for prize fulfilment.


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