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Volunteering: Wednesdays in the Walled Garden

Working each day in the Walled Garden at the Museum Of East Anglian Life, to some could be called mundane or it could be called diverse. Repetitive tasks such as turning soil, planting seeds, watering and pruning enable a small seed to turn into a crop that can be bought in the museums’ shop. Every plant in the Walled Garden requires these tasks regularly and diligently to enable their growth.

There are so many different outcomes. There are succulents and tomatoes in the greenhouse, sunflowers and courgettes in the ground and lining the garden. Inside and out are the most beautiful flowers, which often get turned into bouquets as well as many places to sit and take in the site and smells of the plants.

I’ve been harvesting spuds, carrots and green beans that were planted months ago, weighing them out and wheeling them down to the shop. I hope that the volunteers, who worked so hard in the spring, get to enjoy the fruits of their labour as well as the public.

Produce from MEAL’s Walled Garden is on sale at the shop. Favourites among the volunteers and staff are the Sweetcorn, New Potatoes and Lavender. If you are visiting on a Monday or Wednesday morning you’ll find Heather and other volunteers working hard, you are always welcome to come to say hello.

Grace Latham, Collections Trainee.

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