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Every Garden Matters – How to save the world one garden at a time

9 Apr 2022 - 8 Oct 2022
All Day
“Great oaks from little acorns grow.”


The Food Museum and the Stowmarket Eco Future Group have co-curated a strikingly urgent and revealing exhibition to show just what a difference your garden can make: both to the ecological health of your local area, and the planet. “Every Garden Matters – How to Save the World One Garden at a Time” opens this April and will challenge and empower visitors to make effective and sustainable use of their green spaces.

How well do you know your own garden? Do the plants you grow encourage biodiversity? At a time when pollinator species are declining, are your flowerbeds helpful or harmful to bees, insects, and local wildlife?

Suggesting change really does start at home, the exhibition confronts the idea that we are powerless in the face of the climate emergency. Instead, it proposes that a garden is a place where we can all put positive environmental actions into practice right now.

The SEFG have also contributed to the Museum’s Community Cabinet, which will delve into the group’s exciting first year, charting their growth out of a conversation between two concerned citizens into a group with over 500 local members. Across multiple successful campaigns and initiatives in Stowmarket, how have they successfully turned communication into action, and solidarity into results?

Every Garden Matters” opens on Saturday April 9th and runs until October 2022. Follow the Museum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more details as the exhibition approaches, and find out more about Stowmarket Eco Future Group at https://stowmarketecofuturegroup.co.uk/.