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Cider and Song Spotlight- Monica Askay, Food Historian

The Museum will be launching an exciting new event in October, the Cider and Song Festival. As we count down till the start of the event we’ll have blogs featuring a spotlight on some of what will be offer, this week we learn a bit more about Monica Askay, Food Historian who will be giving cooking demonstrations on Saturday 20th October

Monica Askay

Monica Askay is a Cook and Food Historian with a particular interest in orchard history and traditions, and the culinary uses of orchard fruits and nuts. She has been involved in apple and orchard days for some years throughout the East of England and beyond, and is also involved in the identification of apples and other fruit. She delivers cookery demonstrations with tastings and workshops, and is a food writer. She is involved with Suffolk Traditional Orchard Group and Orchards East.

Visitors will have an opportunity to see how historic ingredients, cooking methods and recipes can be used as well as opportunities for tastings and watching demonstrations throughout the day.


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